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Comedy & Orgasms

Comic characters are more interested in wanting what they want than in getting it. Which is why actors can’t do comedy. Or have trouble doing it. Or find it painful. Because their “process” requires that they listen, absorb, process, and be affected by the other characters. And yet comic characters never listen to anyone, never absorb anything, process nothing and allow themselves to be affected by no one. That’s what makes them funny. Comic characters are so single minded in their pursuit of what they want that it becomes a matter of principle that they get it. They’re convinced they’ve
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Effing Bored

Actors are like street peddlers. Always pulling something else out a different part of their clothing to make the sale. “Hey, you want happy? What about sad? I know, angry. No, no wait, I got it…sarcastic. No? What about elated? Disappointed? Disgusted? I got it! Bored!!! Oh, wait. That’s you watching my performance. Um…gimme a minute. I’ll get it. Um…” It’s as though they’re throwing as many options as they can at the camera, the audience, at us watching their audition in the hopes that one of them will make us want to buy what they’re doing. They do it because they think variety’s
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