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How To Make The Most Interesting Cinematic Choices

Here’s one of the biggest problems most actors don’t even realize they have. They use a very thorough scene analysis process to make choices that reflect the way the scene is written. The problem is those are the choices the camera finds the least interesting, and here’s why: First, they do nothing more than mirror what the scene is already doing, and so by their very nature, are flat and one dimensional. Second, they are the “right” choices, which actors make because they think that’s what we want. We don’t. We want actors who make “interesting” choices because those are
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5 Things Directors Never Say About Actors

Not all things that are important to actors are important to film directors. These are five things we never say about actors. 1. “That actor is so real.” Because we’re not looking for actors who make something real. We’re looking for actors who make something believable. When actors make something real they’re concerned with how it feels to them on the inside. Making something believable is being concerned with whether or not the camera—and therefore the audience—sees it and feels it. When actors only concern themselves with making something real, it usually ends up being boring for the camera and
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