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3 Things That Will Make A Director Love You

Here’s why most actors don’t get re-hired by directors. They only know how to incorporate a direction if it makes sense for the scene. What actors need to understand is that directors aren’t looking to see how well an actor fits a direction to the scene, or makes the direction work with the scene. We’re looking to see how well the actor can turn the scene into what we want it to be. Horrifying as it may be to actors who cling to the actors’ process, if they want to be hired, re-hired, build their career, and work over and
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How To Be Unforgettable When Acting In A Drama

Actors love to cry. For all their talk of creating complex characters and subtle moments, nothing attracts them more than the chance to weep. They also love to play anger, but if they can muster up genuine tears, that’s the holy grail, because it means they’re a genuine artist-actor with an emotional wellspring just waiting to be tapped. It means they’re a real actor. It’s a right of passage for them. And if that’s not enough, they’re always trying to make us cry, too. Aliens watching from outer space must think them very mean. Always trying to make other people
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