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3 Way To Get A Laugh Every Time

Most actors aren’t funny. They would like to be funny. They would like to do comedy. Maybe their friends think they’re funny in real life, but give them comedic material and they couldn’t get a laugh if their Academy Award depended on it. They try, and they try hard. You can see them trying hard as they’re playing the scene. They’ll play the scene as if it’s funny and they’ll deliver their lines as if they’re funny, but they don’t come across that way at all. They come across as an actor trying really hard to be funny. It shows…
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3 Tips To Getting (And Staying) Out Of Your Head

Creation is a physical activity, not a mental one. The body can create better and faster than the mind ever could. A camera responds better to the physical than it does to the cerebral. But then why do so many actors spend so much time working in their heads? It’s how their “actor’s process” works. Their actor’s process entails a lot of analysis and takes a lot of time, and it’s the number one reason most actors don’t come across cinematic on camera. They’re stuck in their heads, so they’re not popping on screen. Actors who know how to create
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