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3 Types Of Characters The Camera Finds Irrestible

The film camera responds to “character” first and great acting second. Most actors don’t know this. They concentrate on great acting, but without the camera being able to identify a clear, specific, and vivid character even the most Oscar-worthy acting will fall flat on screen. This is what audiences mean when they say they can “identify” with a character. It means they recognize the character as the kind of human being that would exist in their world. Recognizable characters are what audiences hold onto, so that an actor’s great acting can move, inspire, enrage, and amuse them. If they have
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The Cult Of Hugging

Actors should mind their own business. They’re always sticking their noses into their characters’ problems, trying to solve everything. They want characters to understand each other and get along and forgive each other and bond and they’re never happy until all the characters in a story come together and hug. They’re a cult of “huggers” and if they had their way we’d all be drinking the kool-aid. They’re very cunning about it. They start with their characters but once they’ve brought their characters over to the “light side” they try to hypnotize the audience into wanting to be nicer to
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