God’s A Great Actor

God. Now there was an actor. Oh, sure, he could have created human beings just following an anatomy chart, in the way most actors create the scene just following the plot the writer wrote. But if there’s one thing God knows, it’s the camera’s not interested in the plot, it’s interested in the story. Creating the plot’s like a painter painting by numbers. They may get the picture right but how interesting is it going to be? And if a hundred painters paint by numbers the same picture, how are we going to tell any of them apart? And if we had to hire one of them, it wouldn’t matter which one we chose. We could pick the best one by putting on a blindfold and throwing a dart at them because they’re all the same.

Why do they do it? These actors who claim they’re artists but insist on creating by numbers. They do it because they’re obsessed with making the “right” choice. They’re desperate to get the scene “right”. They create out of fear of being wrong. You think God was nervous about getting human being’s right when he created us. Hell, no. Otherwise, he would have gotten us right. We would have been perfect, which, hello?, we’re not. We’re interesting but we sure ain’t perfect. And you don’t think he could have made us perfect if he wanted to? Of course he could have. He’s god. But it’s obvious he was more interested in making us interesting than in making us perfect.

Besides, actors are always saying they want to create truth. Truth this and truth that. But if you’re creating the plot the writer wrote, you’re not creating truth, you’re creating facts. You want to create truth, create the story. And the story’s not the “what”. The story’s the “why”.

And you’re not going to tell me that God’s more concerned with facts than truth. Course not. Truth’s his thing. So here’s God, all about truth and not concerned with getting it right. Then there’s most other actors, who say they’re all about truth but are obsessed with getting it “right”. What are they saying? They know better than God? Come on. God’s a great actor.

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