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Rehearsing Is A Dangerous Idea On Camera

Directors and casting directors can tell if an actor’s self-tape audition took the actor a couple of takes or many. The way they can tell is whether the scene and the actor look well rehearsed. Rehearsing for camera is dangerous because it’s very difficult for the well rehearsed actor to fool the camera into thinking something spontaneous is happening. We’ve all heard the phrase “You can’t lie to the camera”. Over-rehearsing can also be problematic on set. Actors tend to think about scenes as a whole instead of a collection of pieces. Filmmaking is the process of creating pieces which
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How To Be Unforgettable When Acting In A Drama

Actors love to cry. They also love to play anger but if they can create genuine tears, that’s the holy grail. It’s a right of passage. It means they’re a real actor. An actor shedding tears, however, is usually the least effective way to make an audience shed them. What will? When your character’s involved in an argument, don’t argue against the character with whom you have a relationship, argue for the relationship you have with the other character. The character that struggles to achieve something positive while engaged in a conflict scene is the character that makes the camera
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