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What Actors & Directors Should Keep In Mind When Creating Heroic Characters On Camera

The first character ever created was a hero. The first story ever told was the story of a hero’s journey. The main reason audiences have been watching and reading stories ever since is because the hero’s story is the story we all imagine we are living. It is the story we dream. What all heroic characters have in common is a mission to save. Even independent dramas about characters struggling to relate are peopled with every day, emotionally flawed heroic characters trying to save someone or something. It is their overriding characteristic. It dictates how every moment in every scene
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Do’s & Don’ts Of Moving On Camera

Actors ask “What’s my frame” or “What’s my framing?” because they want to know how much room they have to move in the film frame. The answer to the question is “Why would you want to move?” You’re not going to move any more in the wide shot than you are in the medium shot or else the shots won’t cut together. If you have to move on camera, move back and forth and not side to side. Side to side movement makes an actor look less experienced because side to side movement is harder to edit. Back and forth
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How To Get A Laugh Everytime

Most actors aren’t funny. They would like to be funny. They would like to do comedy. They’ll play a scene as if it’s funny, and they’ll deliver their lines as if they’re funny but they don’t come across funny. They come across as actors trying hard to be funny. Try this. It’s quick, painless and, if done right, pretty much guarantees you’ll create comedy and get a laugh. Take a scene and ask yourself what are the sentiments your character’s words are expressing to the other character. Are your character’s words expressing anger toward the other character? Are your character’s
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