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3 Directing Techniques For Actors

Here are three techniques actors can use to direct themselves on camera. They’re from my next book titled “How To Direct Actors Like A Pro & Look Like A Genius Doing It” to be released in January. Directing Technique #1: Before you roll camera on an actor, tell the actor that for everything her or his character says, there are five other things the character could say but chooses not to say and to play those five other things. This technique will pull the camera and the audience past the conflict of the scene to the inner conflict of the
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How To Create A Cinematic Villain

Villains love the sound of their own voices. What they do with their voices is often more unnerving than what they say with their words. They prefer controlled voices. They prefer textured voices. They like voices that can be soft and innocent one moment and pure venom the next. They want voices that can seduce you or terrify you. They want their voices to be the ones you can’t get out of your head, and they’re not afraid to speak so softly it feels like they’re lightly tapping on your brain. They want a voice that will chill the the
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