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The first time I ever looked through the lens of a camera, I was looking at a movie star. I had no idea how to direct a movie, but looking through the camera that first time I knew I would spend the rest of my life understanding how the camera thinks and how the cinematic art form reveals who we are as human beings.

What I have learned along the way is not only how to make someone real, believable and interesting on camera no matter the material, I’ve learned being cinematic is what turns life into art. The cinematic art form is how you express yourself on camera. It is emotional chaos expressed poetically. It is what holds your audience in your grip and makes them forget about their lives for as long as you want. Cinematic is the art form of all your favorite on-camera artists. It is the art form of the A-list. It gives you artistic power. It gives you personal power. It gives you power over all your doubts and insecurities. Being cinematic is what makes your audience believe in you.

My art form is developing individual artists into cinematic warriors. My mission is to spread cinematic power to every corner of the planet. My online cinematic sessions are not classes. They are cinematic training sessions. I am not teaching the artist. I am conditioning the artist how to think like the camera and how to create cinematic performances like their favorite artists are doing right now. I am conditioning the artist to be a movie no matter the material.

That is what it means to be cinematic.

About BlueSwanFilms

The good news about the digital film revolution is that anyone can now make movies without having to climb a ladder. The bad news is that no one learns from those who came before them what makes something cinematic art. It became my mission to change that. I knew I had a unique understanding of the camera, insight into the human animal, and a unique ability to write and talk about the cinematic. All I needed was the right vehicle. BlueSwanFilms became that vehicle offering cinematic wisdom and guidance and instruction via live online group and private sessions, books, and online courses.


John Swanbeck’s
“How To Steal The Scene & End Up Playing The Lead”